In the last twenty years, the amount of people renting properties in the UK has more than doubled.

A report conducted by the Office for National Statistics found that, as recently as 2017, there are more than 4 million rented households in the UK alone.

While the study shows that younger households are more likely to rent, there has also been a recent increase in the number of households who are renting between the ages of 45 and 54.

Data analysed by BBC News, for example, found that the number of middle-aged renters has doubled in the past decade.

There is a significant number of people — of varying ages, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds — who are all choosing to rent.

The tenant is now often as varied as rental properties themselves.

Many of these tenants will have chosen to rent, not simply out of necessity, but as a genuine preference to purchasing a home. The flexibility given by renting accommodation means that it is easier to change jobs and locations without the considerable headache of selling a house.

But even with the increase of tenants choosing to rent, renting is not without its potential problems.



The Drawbacks of Renting

Many people who are renting property are doing so out of need. The term ‘accidental renter’ has even been coined recently to indicate people who have found themselves having to rent, even when they don’t strictly want to.

Single parents are especially at risk of debt and being unable to afford their own homes, but statistics also show that divorce, bereavement, and other financial crises can lead to a need to rent.

This kind of traumatic situation can be compounded by a common issue that tenants face – namely, being unable to make changes to the living space.

This can sometimes include alterations as small as hanging pictures, or installing additional shelving, being deemed unacceptable, with changes to the flooring, wallpaper, and paintwork almost always prohibited.

There is also the serious concern of finding a genuinely scrupulous landlord. Maintenance is the landlord’s responsibility by law, and yet a survey conducted by rental housing site found that a disturbing percentage of landlords were not carrying out vital safety checks on their properties.

Surveyed renters also cite instability as being a major drawback to renting. Although there are notice periods in place, tenants still often fear being told by their landlords that they will have to move.

But the most common concern of all for both long and short term renters?

Not receiving their deposits back.



The End of Tenancy Stress

The end of a tenancy agreement can be a very stressful time.

On the one hand, it is bound to be a time of excitement and change, but on the other it can be time-consuming, rushed, and inconvenient.

This is also the time when it will be of paramount concern to get your deposit back. Moving properties is a very expensive time, and so the deposit will likely be needed — perhaps even as a deposit for the new home.

It is also an important time for tenants to ensure that they have left the property in the best possible state of repair and been honest with their landlords about any issues which have developed.

This can be especially vital as an increasing number of rental properties now require references in order for someone to be considered as a candidate for the tenancy.


Increasing the Chances of a Returned Deposit

In spite of generally high levels of concern around deposits, a recent study by the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government showed that 60% of private landlords and 54% of agencies did return the full deposit amount to their tenants.

The study also showed that the most likely reasons for withholding the deposit were damage to the property or contents, or not cleaning for the next tenant. This shows that the state in which the property is left is a key factor in whether or not tenants received their deposits back.

For the very best chances of receiving your deposit back in full, there are several steps you can take.


Cleanliness — Keeping the property in a good state of repair is of paramount importance. Regular and effective cleaning in particular helps to ensure that fixtures, equipment, flooring and so on stay in good shape.

Regular cleaning also helps to ensure that you become aware of repairs as and when they need to be done. You should familiarise yourself with which aspects of maintenance are your responsibility and which are the landlord’s.

Many rental tenants choose to hire professional cleaners to ensure the very best results. Cleaners are popular on a regular basis to help stay on top of the housework and keep the property in good condition throughout the tenancy.

However, special deep cleaning services — such as the End of Tenancy cleans that we provide — are becoming an increasingly popular choice. This service is suitable for those who may not have had a regular cleaner, or else those who had a regular cleaner but wanted to ensure the very best chance of a returned deposit.


Communication — It is good practice to keep your landlord informed of any maintenance issues or accidental damage. This helps to keep things transparent and honest between the two of you. Landlords are far more likely to be reasonable when given ample notice of a problem.

An open line of communication helps prevent problems from escalating and keeps things civil and relaxed. It can also be helpful to have details of each communication in writing.

You are more likely to receive your deposit back, along with positive references, if communication has been maintained throughout your tenancy.



Professional Help — Another excellent way to increase your chances of receiving your deposit back is to seek the help of professionals. This could perhaps take the form of legal advice, to ensure you’ve read your contract properly and are fully aware of your rights.

Alternatively, the professional help could come in the form of professional cleaners or maintenance workers. They can actively address any issues in the home before they become a costly problem, and help you stay on top of all-important property cleanliness.


The Rise in the Use of Professionals

Studies indicate that people are busier than ever before. They are balancing home life, work commitments, a social calendar, hobbies, and sometimes even an additional job. The mentality of millennials in particular is that they are increasingly short on time.

The Telegraph newspaper recently found that as many as half of millennials have opted for professional cleaners in order to reclaim some of their personal time. Other studies indicate that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 households in the UK now have a cleaner.

Hiring professional cleaners is often a wise investment in your home. Professional cleaners — especially those such as our friendly staff — have the experience, expertise and appropriate products to achieve the best results possible.

This helps to maintain your property and keep it in excellent condition, whether you have invested in a home of your own, or you are renting and working on getting that all-important deposit returned to you.



What Happens When You Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional may seem daunting at first. You might wonder whether it will be worth the money, whether it will be suitable for you, or how to find the right professional cleaning company for you.

A good place to start might be by asking yourself these five key questions to determine whether you need a cleaner. If your answer is ‘yes’, then here is what to expect!

A reputable cleaning company wants you to be happy and satisfied with your choice. Here at MaidMyHome, for example, you can contact us directly to discuss your needs and requirements and we will be delighted to accommodate you.

You would begin by deciding on the best service for you — such as regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or an end of tenancy clean for rental tenants. In the case of certain services, your cleaner will bring all of the necessary cleaning products to help achieve the best results.

During a first clean, you would meet your cleaner and show them around the property, discussing any needs and concerns you may have. You may also wish to provide your cleaner with a key, or else have one concealed somewhere on the property, or perhaps with a neighbour.

Trust and security are of great importance to us, which is why all our cleaners are fully vetted.

The price for an end of tenancy clean can depend upon a number of variables. It can also be helpful to research these well in advance of the actual end of tenancy date.

That way, not only will the end of tenancy cleaning process be less rushed and stressful, you will also be able to avoid additional charges that you could be liable for, if you have to insist on a quick turnaround or a priority booking.

Secondly, consider when you will need the cleaning done. Some companies offer same day or next day services, but these can obviously be at a much higher price.

Also, assess — and research — what is provided in the end of tenancy clean being offered, and whether you will need to include extra services. These might include things like oven cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning for carpets and stains and so on.

A number of these services may be included in the end of tenancy clean price, but others may not. A reputable company will be happy to discuss your needs with you and exactly what you can expect from the service.

Overall, the factors that are key in determining the cost of an end of tenancy clean are:



The Size of the Property — The size of your space is one of the first things you will be asked, as it is the easiest way to determine the scale of the end of tenancy clean needed. It can also be helpful to discuss whether your home has carpet or hard wood flooring at this stage, and whether there are lots of large windows, an outdoor space or anything else the cleaners should be aware of.

Any Additional Services — As mentioned above, if you have any additional services that you require, this will also need to be factored into the overall cost of the end of tenancy clean.

The Current Condition of the Property — An end of tenancy clean is more likely to cost less if the property has been well-maintained overall and has very little built up dirt, grime, and stains for example. Of course, if this has not been possible, an end of tenancy clean can help tackle and correct the problem before it is too late to retrieve your deposit. Any serious stains, areas of dirt or damage can also be discussed in advance so that extra time can be allowed.

How Quickly You Need the Clean — Depending on the company you use, overnight, next day, or same day services can often cost you more. If your budget is a concern, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time.


While some companies will promise an end of tenancy clean for as little as £95, it is important to consider the quality you can expect. In reality, it is your property deposit on the line. For other companies, and depending upon the factors above, upwards of £250 are more realistic.

Here at Maid My Home, we offer a premium level service for total peace of mind at this busy and stressful time. Our professionals are experienced and fully vetted, with a range of ways to ensure that your property is restored to immaculate condition.

We may be a little more expensive than some companies, but that’s because we aim for the happiest customers in the business! We are confident that you will find a service to suit you and that you will be delighted with our results.

Landlords are far more likely to return the full deposit if the property is deemed clean and fully fit for the next tenants. This is why many tenants are happy to pay for a more premium cleaning service like ours. They consider it an investment in getting their money back.



The Benefits of Renting

Previously, we’ve been pretty negative about the concept of renting your property instead of owning it, but it’s very important to note that a lot of people happily rent by choice, for a variety of reasons, so let’s now take a look at the tenants who actually prefer to rent, and why.

One benefit to consider is the fact that maintenance is largely handled by the landlord. Home repairs and replacements can be a sudden and considerable financial burden. Many people prefer to rent because it leaves these inconveniences to someone else.

Some renters have even spoken about the fact that they consider living in rented — and especially shared — accommodation to be more sociable. In a new city without connections or friends yet, this can be an important consideration.

Also, with more employees on freelance, short term, or self-employed contracts than ever before, being able to change location with ease can be a considerable advantage. Renting accommodation helps them to achieve this flexibility.

These reasons, along with the myriad of other factors which influence people into renting when they would perhaps prefer not to, mean it is likely that the number of tenants will swell even further in the coming years.

This phenomenon is likely to have implications for the cleaning industry as a whole.



The Cleaning Industry Going Forward

The cleaning industry is undergoing a boom and major shift. More people than ever are spending money in order to reclaiming their time — employing professionals especially for domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Meanwhile, the substantial rise in the number of people renting, rather than owning, their properties, has also had an impact on the cleaning industry too, due to the significant and growing concerns tenants have over whether their deposits will be returned. All this creates greater demand for end of tenancy cleaning services, due to the (often substantial) levels of deposit funds which are up for grabs.

These factors, and more, suggest that this specific type of cleaning service will become an even larger aspect of the cleaning industry in future years, as the growing numbers of tenants seek to reclaim as much of their deposits as possible.



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