5 Simple Steps to More Productive Cleaning


Everyone wants the same thing when they clean: to achieve great results and maximum impact for minimum effort.

However, studies show that we are becoming ‘time-poor’. This means that as our wealth increases, we have less free time available to do the things we enjoy, such as pursuing hobbies, seeing friends, and spending time with loved ones.

Our cleaning is suffering too. Taking care of our homes is a great way to feel relaxed, organised, and on top of things. But in a time-poor society it can be harder to achieve.

That’s why we’ve come up with some simple strategies to make your cleaning routine significantly quicker and more productive.

These simple but effective methods will improve your cleaning techniques and help you expend less time and energy in achieving the results you want.

You can choose to incorporate all of the following five options into your cleaning schedule, or to just select one or two which you can easily apply.


Decor & Decluttering

An aspect of the cleaning process that can often be overlooked is the decor of a home itself.

Do you have an organised home that appears spacious and uncluttered? Or do you find things are often untidy and difficult to locate? An easy way to a more efficient cleaning routine could include decluttering your busiest rooms, as well as selecting materials that are easier to clean.

Switching to easy to wash fabrics or covers can be helpful, while larger projects may include moving your carpets and rugs around, so you can more easily clean your flooring.

However you choose to approach it, switching to uncluttered decor and easy-clean materials can make your entire cleaning process much quicker to complete.


Gadgets & Equipment

We’ve all seen them. The latest gadgets and gizmos in the home that seem like an indulgence, but may actually save us valuable time.

There is a drive towards cleaning equipment becoming more autonomous and remote. Nowadays, many cleaning gadgets can be powered from a smartphone, or instructed to follow a pre-set routine. If it is within our budget, these items can be a great way to streamline our cleaning routine.

Even if futuristic self-cleaning technology doesn’t appeal to us, we can still make the most of our equipment in other ways. For example, investing in a durable and effective vacuum cleaner could save us several hours every month.

Dishwashers and washing machines can also be a vital part of achieving quality cleans in a short space of time, so keeping them in good working order can help our cleaning routine to proceed smoothly.


Your Cleaning Kit

If your products aren’t up to the task, then keeping a busy home in order can become an uphill struggle.

Perhaps you haven’t found the right products to treat particular materials, for example. Or, you may be suffering from the reverse situation. Rather than having too few suitable cleaning products, you may have accumulated too many!

In this case, making your cleaning more productive might mean downsizing to one effective all-purpose cleaning solution, or a small selection of them.

Now may also be a good time to acquire some helpful accessories or fresh supplies — like new scrubbing brushes, fresh sponges, or durable gloves. A quality set of cleaning wipes can also prove highly useful.


A Professional

One of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve professional results is, of course, to hire a professional! Cleaners like our own experienced professionals can personalise the service you receive and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

The growth of the cleaning industry in recent years is testament to how valuable people find the service. It returns their time to them, ensuring they have more opportunities to do the things that matter most to them.

Hiring professional cleaners can be an affordable way to improve your quality of life and find more leisure time.


Finishing Touches

Don’t forget that you can always start small. Sometimes the quickest way to improve your home and cleaning routine is simply to work on the details.

If you are happy with your routine and the results you achieve, but are just looking for a ‘boost’ — then this tip is for you.

Add a finishing touch to your cleaning routine, such as a beautiful scent, a new piece of decor, or regular change-arounds. This can be as much as moving furniture to create a new look, or simply adding fresh linen in a new colour, for example.

The finishing touches at the very end of your cleaning routine can upgrade the whole process itself, add personality to your home, and create a pleasant home environment which makes you determined to keep it tidy!


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