The Ultimate Beginners’ Cleaning Kit


We all have our own cleaning style.

Whether you are a meticulous perfectionist or laidback and loving it, your kit is essential.

An effective cleaning kit can make difficult jobs simple to complete and produce the best results.

The appropriate cleaning tools can also be key to the longevity of furniture, appliances, and upholstery. Be sure to check the labels of every cleaning product you use, to ensure that it is suitable for the task at hand.

Our beginners cleaning kit really is for everyone. Perhaps you’re a beginner in the sense that you have just moved into your own home or even a university dormitory, or maybe you would just like to bring your kit back to basics.

In either case, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to discover our top picks for starting your ideal cleaning kit.


1 – Disinfectant Wipes

Handy disinfectant wipes are perfect for a busy household. Keeping countertops clean and clear instantly improves the look of a room — and it’s more hygienic too!


2 – All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

A good all-purpose cleaning solution is a great choice when you don’t need to use specialised cleaning solutions to protect finishes or natural wood, for example. If it is gentle and effective, it can be used on a variety of surfaces with a soft cloth for great results.

For added convenience, a spray bottle can be used directly on surfaces and wiped down, without the need to dilute or mix the solution.


3 – Rubber Gloves

Protecting your hands and skin while cleaning is important. If you have sensitive skin, it can be crucial.

The chemicals we use to clean may be safe for surfaces but unsuitable for sustained contact with the skin. Rubber gloves are protective, hygienic, and keep us comfortable.

A pair for kitchen and living area tasks and a separate pair for bathroom cleaning is ideal.


4 – Loo Cleaner

A suitable loo cleaner is an obvious essential, but why not select one with added benefits? Some also combat limescale, for example, or have a great aroma that fragrances the whole bathroom.

It’s an obligation, so why not add a little luxury?


5 – Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths have a great variety of uses. They also come in a wide range of materials depending on whether you are using them as dusters, wipes, or for polishing surfaces.

Microfibre cloths are perfect for fixtures and metallic finishes, for example, while looser materials are better for washing dishes.

Purchasing a variety of cleaning cloths in bulk or multipacks can be the most cost-effective option. It also means they can be replaced often so that dirt and bacteria doesn’t build up inside them. Some are washable and reusable too!


6 – Heavy Duty Paper Towels

Cleaning and polishing can often leave surfaces with a slight sticky residue. Heavy duty paper towels are not only great for spillages, they are also a great finishing touch after cleaning.


7 – Scrubbing Brushes

Scrubbing is often the best bet for stains, grime, or that all important final shine. Scrubbing brushes, and scrubbing sponges, come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Some also have easy to grip or extendable handles. They are especially important for kitchen and bathroom tasks, and are often very durable. Have a few handy items with surfaces suitable for scrubbing — including brushes, sponges, and cloths — to make quick work of tough jobs.

Hiring a professional like one of our friendly and experienced cleaning experts will often produce the best results. But if you’re a fan of a bit of elbow grease, these will make your life easier.


8 – Glass and Mirror Cleaning Solution

All-purpose cleaners and sprays are often not as suitable for high shine surfaces like glass and mirrors. They can streak, smudge, or leave a cloudy appearance.

A convenient spray solution for glass and mirrors will make quick cleaning a breeze. Mirrors and glass often seem like a magnet for thumb and fingerprints. A suitable cleaning solution and soft cloth are the answer.


9 – Feather Duster 

You may think feather dusters were confined to the 1950s, but they remain a handy tool! They are perfect for those hard to reach areas that become dusty — such as on the tops of door frames or behind radiators.

They are not always the flamboyant pink numbers either. Some modern dusters are decidedly chic.


10 – Air Freshener

For a final finishing touch, a spray of air freshener will instantly refresh your home!


All these items are cheap, easy to get hold of, and highly useful, so adding them to your selection of cleaning tools will make a big difference for only a minimal amount of time and money!


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