A clean home is a happy home.

Numerous studies have shown that our living space can have a profound impact on both our
physical and mental wellbeing.

Clean spaces are not only more hygienic, they are often more pleasurable to be in too.

Hiring a cleaning professional will definitely give you the best results, but if you do your own
cleaning, there are a few things you can do to achieve a higher-quality finish.

Five places in particular around the home can often be neglected during the weekly clean. If you
can target these additional areas, then your home should instantly appear refreshed.



Small details such as taps (faucets), sink plugs, door knobs, and drawer handles can be easily

However, these are ‘high traffic’ areas, subject to regular use and touch. They can quickly
become stained, smudged, or damaged if not cared for properly.

These details can look especially dirty if they have a metallic finish, but when polished, they will
instantly add a touch of class to a room.

Spending a few extra minutes each day, or each week, caring for these fixtures can have a big
impact with minimum effort.


Lights and Lampshades

Lighting can have a major effect on an interior space. It remains one of the most commonly
overlooked areas during the cleaning process, yet it often attracts dust and unsightly fingerprint
marks through regular use.

There is a wide variety of choice in terms of the design, fabrics and materials available. Each type
of lighting will also have its own specific care instructions.

Lightbulbs themselves — especially decorative exposed bulbs — can retain smudges, which not
only looks unattractive, but also hinders the distribution of light itself.

With a gentle cloth and a suitable cleaning solution, you can ensure that your lighting stays bright
and effective.

Always ensure that any lights have cooled before attempting to touch or clean them, and be
especially careful when using liquids near anything electrical.



A mirror can instantly add light and a sense of spaciousness to a room. They are often a common
congregating point for a family too — especially before leaving for the day.

However, mirrors can quickly accumulate dust and greasy marks. If not properly cared for, they
may also crack or become discoloured.

With regular care and cleaning, a mirror can retain a ‘newly purchased’ look and continue to be
an elegant central feature of the room.

A freshly polished mirror with no marks and scuffs can also have the effect of instantly brightening
a whole interior space.


Under the Bed

Moving a large bed can seem like a chore, but cleaning this area has many benefits.

We spend many hours a week in a bed. It is well known that, without regular cleaning, the
bedroom can accumulate large amounts of dust, dead skin cells, and even parasites such as bed
bugs or dust mites.

We may be keeping our sheets and mattress clean, but much of the debris can fall below the bed.

By making time to move the bed and thoroughly clean underneath it, you are ensuring that the
room stays fresh and hygienic.

Not only will your flooring last longer as a result, you may even breathe easier at night too.


The Refrigerator

Whether you are cleaning at home, or have hired a professional, the refrigerator may be an
overlooked space for cleaning.

A clean, fresh appearance can matter as much on the outside as the inside. Why not incorporate
a deep clean of the refrigerator into your regular cleaning routine?

Perhaps before you do the shopping each week, while there are fewer items to remove, you could
wipe down the shelves or inside the door?

Even the outside of the refrigerator is a large, flat space that can quickly become stained or
greasy. Sticky hands after eating, or splashes of tea and coffee, can easily remain on the door.

It is likely that your refrigerator was a significant investment, so keeping it clean and attractive
ensures that it will perform well for many years.

Wipe down the outside as part of your morning routine, or even get children to join in with this
simple, but effective, task. That way, the process is taken care of regularly and never becomes


A Clean And Healthy Home

With a little attention to detail and a few extra minutes, you can achieve great results.

Whether you do your own cleaning, or hire one of our fantastic professionals, taking care of these
overlooked areas will make your home look better than ever!

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