10+ Indoor Plants To Keep Your House Vibrant This Autumn Season

Everywhere, in the restaurants, groceries etc. go-green is the motto nowadays and is spreading widely, there are restaurants which only serves organic food somewhat similar to the going green campaign but will all this going green motto, the end of summer does not come as a pleasant news to the gardening enthusiasts. As the nights become shorter, the weather tends to become colder as a result slowing killing the routine of gardening lovers and people fond of greenery and plants.

This winter, not to worry! as there are many autumn plants begging to be taken in the care of, although it’s not quite the same for the gardening freaks, but there is always something in the bowl throughout the winter season which can not only help you to keep you gardening blossom alive but ends also giving a warm an pleasant look in your home.

A fresh in-door garden or potter plants could be a good way to cope up with your hobby throughout the winter moreover, keeping potted plants is comparatively low-maintenance, resulting in providing a stunning oasis where you place it in your home with a refreshing and vibrant look and feel throughout the year, thus this might be an acceptable possibility if you’re trying to stay yourself busy.

Although keeping your house green gives a refreshing look but it is not as simple as it sounds, the potted plants require care and attention. There square measure few things a lot of bounties than sprucing up a dish with home-grown basil or creating your own tea from recent mint leaves. If this sounds smart to you, putting in an associate garden is kind of straightforward. merely designate a little space of your home for them – ideally high higher than ground level if you have got curious dogs or cats – and supply every one of them decent house to grow and expand.

We have compiled a list of low maintenance and pleasant flowery potted plants which you can grow throughout this autumn season and gives an appealing look and feel to your house with pleasant appearance to the guests.

Here are some of the most beautiful potted and flowery plants; you can grow inside your house;

  1. Oxalis Triangularis – Purple Shamrocks
  2. Anthurium
  3. Snake Plants
  4. Schefflera Amate – Umbrella Plant
  5. Peace Lilly
  6. Ceropegia Woodii – Chain of Hearts
  7. Weeping Fig – A perfect Addition To Your Living Room
  8. Flowering Maple – A Festive Lantern Shaped Flowery Plant
  9. Cacti
  10. Calatheas
  11. African Violet

The details for each of these invigorating potted plants is described herewith, read out the complete list and let us know your feedbacks and comments;

  1. Oxalis TriangularisOxalis Triangularis house plant

Oxalis is purple colored, very pleasing to eyes triangular clover-like leafy plant with constant bearing of pink and white bloomy flowers. The best part of keeping Oxalis is that you can divide it as soon it becomes crowded in the pot.

Unlike many gardening plants, Oxalis requires constant care and attention because it lasts from a week to three months during the autumn to winter season, depending on the conditions off course.

Oxalis full name is Oxalis triangularis and is often referred to as “purple shamrocks”, because of its triangular purple colored leaves. It not only blooms in the day but in the night Oxalis looks like a small and beautiful cluster of butterflies. They are super simple to grow and also come handy with placing a purple colored leaf over a gift wrap. So, this winter season, make space for this little and beautiful plant and give an absorbing look to your house.

  1. AnthuriumAnthurium

In our list of some of the most amazing and low maintenance potted plants for this autumn season, Anthurium is ranked as second in the list, let’s dig deep and give you more details of this interactive and amazing winter plant.

Anthurium is easy to grow and highly low maintenance plant which comes in the stunning shades of lavender, white, red or pink. Unlike Oxalis, Anthurium requires much less care but lasts for two months only. For optimal growth, Anthurium requires medium to bring light but also have the capacity to be grown as a foliage plant with much lesser light. The beauty of Anthurium does not only ends up to its festive colors but this amazing plant produces heart-shaped leaves as well.

The botanic name of Anthurium is Anthurium Andraeanum and can grow up to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide moreover, apart from its beauty and appealing shades of flowers, Anthurium is termed as poisonous plant and may cause illness it eaten or chewed by children of pets, so make sure to plant Anthurium in a place where your children or pets cannot reach and can only enjoy the sight of this amazing and beautiful flowery plant.

  1. Sansevieria Trifasciata – Snake PlantSansevieria Trifasciata - Snake Plant

The botanist does not gave such a weird name to this awesome plant, Its botanic name is Sansevieria Trifasciata and it is one of the species of flowering plant in the family of Asparagaceae, we know this botany stuff is boring so let’s jump on to why it is called “Snake Plant” and how it can enhance the look and feel of your house throughout this autumn season.

Because of its yellow tripped color and shape, Sansevieria Trifasciata is widely known as the snake plant. Likewise snakes, the snake plant is also very hard to kill, it does not require any special attention or care, in fact it can survive and continue to grow in very low light levels, and the best part of keeping and growing a snake plant inside your home is that; it also helps cleaning and purifying the air.

In Africa, other than cleaning the inside air of the houses, the snake plant is also utilized as medicine and also a producer of fiber. Isn’t it great! So what you guys are waiting for? Let’s bring some fresh and cleaner air into our houses and buy one or two snake plant today.

  1. Schefflera Amate – The Umbrella TreeSchefflera Amate – The Umbrella Tree

Do you love Jurassic Park Movie? Or a Jurassic theme park in real? This big and bold Schefflera Amate plant will do the trick for anyone who loves tropical feel and environment. Schefflera Amate widely known as the umbrella plant is tough yet easy to grow houseplant which can lead up to a big tree if properly cared and watered.

Schefflera Amate is one tough little tropical plant with wide and impressive growth and glossy foliage. If you are looking for an easy and fast growing house plant inside your sweet house, Schefflera Amate – The umbrella plant is your answer! But do make room for Schefflera Amate to spread as it will grow fast and will grow big. Because of its rich leaves and compact structure, this amazing Schefflera Amate or umbrella plant is best suited for in-house growth however, it can also be grown outside or in your garden, as they love humidity but they are more suited for inside the housing growth. Ever wonder the pictures of houses circulating over the internet with trees coming out of the roof, and we wonder either the house was built later or the tree, they are most likely the Schefflera Amate aka the umbrella plant.

If you have enough room in your house of colliders and want to give a tropical look and feel inside your house, from this day plant few Schefflera Amate plants inside your house and you will be amazed by the bloom and growth of this amazing and rich plant. The Schefflera Amate can grow up to 10 feet tall or a couple of inches if grown in a pot, if you wish to plant a Schefflera Amate inside your house make sure to prevent them from direct sunlight as they do not need any, all they need is well-drained soil and no direct burning of the sun and within a few years, the Schefflera Amate will grow tall and handsome.

So for all the tropical scenery lovers, with Schefflera Amate with you not get an entire tropical look and can put your hands on a small burst of tropical nature with this tall and dashing Schefflera Amate – The umbrella tree.

  1. Peace LilyPeace Lily

Likewise its name peace lily is one of the most adorable flowery indoor plants; it blooms with beautiful and adorable white flowers and an ideal addition to blossom your house. The peace lily is so beautiful that it will bring a big smile on your face only for looking at it. If you are planning to give a peaceful yet vibrant look to your house this autumn, this small and amazing flowering plant should be in your top list.

Peace lily does not require any direct contact with sunlight and are guaranteed to bloom and flourish in the shaded and cooler environments. Therefore, this winter season, as the leaves are starting to fall, you can flourish and blossom your house with this small little white angel or the peace lily.

Likewise the snake plant, peace lily also helps in cleaning the indoor air for your house and is one of the widely blooming indoor plants in United Kingdom moreover, according to a research conducted by NASA; the peace lily is one of the top indoor plants for reducing the toxics in the air.

You can be sure that peace lily comes with no fuss and helps in bringing a peaceful and vibrant look to your home with cleaner air on the other hand. If you do not have planted peace lily inside your house, get one today and start blooming and blossoming your house with peaceful and vibrant look.

  1. Ceropegia Woodii – Chain of HeartsCeropegia Woodii – Chain of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii is widely known as the chain of hearts because of its unique structure and astonishing look. It belongs to the same family as Hoya, often people have doubts that Ceropegia Woodii – Chain of Hearts plant is succulent but it’s not. It a long tailing plant and beautiful heart shaped leafy structure. It is one of the best household plants in terms of durability and its steady growth.

Ceropegia Woodii can grow both i.e. indoor and outdoor moreover, it can reach up to 12 feet if you are growing it outdoor or can stay up to 2 feet only if it is planted in a pot inside your house. If you are planning to plant Ceropegia Woodii inside your house, do not expose it to direct sun but it requires very bright light to maintain a steady growth. You may place your chain of hearts plant near a west window but just make sure it isn’t up against the hot glass as the hot window or direct contact with sunlight can affect its growth and durability.

  1. Weeping Fig – A perfect Addition To Your Living RoomWeeping Fig - A perfect Addition To Your Living Room

Weeping Fig is yet another mentionable indoor plant in our list of best plants to keep your house vibrant this autumn season. With its compact nature and green leafy structure, people most likely place it in the living rooms to enhance the beauty and maintain a greener look and feel and inside the house during autumn and winter seasons.

Weeping Fig does not actually weep, but require bring and indirect sunlight to bloom inside the house. On the other hand, weeping fig also requires utmost care and attention, try keeping the soil for your weeping fig a little moist for better growth. Planting this amazing indoor plant inside a white pot gives a cool and refreshing combination of green leaves and white colored pot.

One of the top reasons to keep this amazing and stunning plant inside your house this winter season is its durability and it does not grow big and always remains compact sized plant, so give Weeping Fig a shot this chilly season and witness an improved and astonishing look in your indoor plants collection, with a new rebounding look and feel inside your living room.

  1. Flowering Maple – A Festive Lantern Shaped Flowery PlantFlowering Maple – A Festive Lantern Shaped Flowery Plant

Flowering Maple is a unique and modern indoor plant and can be a perfect addition to your drawing rooms to greet the guests with its unique and astonishing look and colors. It grows and blooms better in shades without any direct contact with sunlight and blooms with amazing pink, red, orange or yellow dangle colored flowers which look like festive lanterns. With this amazing indoor plant i.e. Flowering Maple, you can grow it in a small pot and allow it to grow up to 3-4 feet tall or prune it back to keep it shrubby.

Flowering maple is most commonly planted inside the colliders in baskets because of it unique and festive lantern looked flowers. I personally like the orange colored flowers on this plant. With flowering maple, people also complains for sudden drop in its blooming and falling of flowers before properly growing, if this is the case with you, check for the uneven watering as these issues are mainly caused by the uneven watering for this sweet and fast growing plant.

I personally like the flowering maple the most and have kept it inside my house from ages, it’s a fast and easy growing plant which does not require any special care of attention and pretty much grows on its own. The tickling and growing of flowers on this plant is also constant which helps in bringing a breezy and colorful look inside your living room, drawing room or colliders. So if you haven’t had this stunning and amazing lantern looked like plant inside your house, get it today and increase the colorful yet breezy look in your house during every winter and autumn seasons.

  1. CactiCacti

Cacti are nice low-maintenance plants that can help to brighten up the inside of your house, office table or anywhere in your bedroom. A cactus is measured as one of the roughest and toughest indoor plants which can even survive throughout winter’s darkest days. Their uncommon shapes and textures add visual interest to any table or still, and with the correct care, they’ll keep simply fine throughout the long, cold season.

Cacti work sensible houseplants year-around. In winter, plants solely would like a bit light-weight and occasional watering to stay them going. Most cacti and succulents go dormant by the time fall comes around, which means they’re going to stop growing once temperatures and daylight drop. It is often considered the often choice for new hobbyist because it does not require any special care or attention or not even regular watering. If you have cacti inside your house or on your study table, even if you are watering it after every 2-3 days, that is enough for cacti to survive and grow.

It is also considered as one of the priceless and cheapest indoor plants and can grow in a very small plastic pot or in a basket hanged in any corner of your house. Give it a try and add cacti to your indoor plant collection today and let us know your feedback about this one of the roughest wintery plant.

  1. CalatheasCalatheas

Likewise its unique colors and refreshing look, Calatheas requires utmost care and attention of the individual. It you are planning to keep Calatheas inside your house, prevent it from any exposure to direct sunlight as the color of the leaves will start to fade away if it is placed in direct sunlight. The soil of Calatheas also requires care with evenly moist which is not to wet or not to dry. With its unique and beautiful colored leaves, plant it in a small white pot to give a perfect blend of simplicity and beauty at the same time.

The level of care is often considered easy for the regular gardeners and indoor plant keepers, but if you are developing a new hobby with enhancing the look and feel of your house with indoor plants, Calatheas is not the right choice for you because the color of its leaves suddenly fades away if it is placed in bright or direct sunlight.

Overall, it will count as a good and pleasant addition to your in-house plants moreover; the calatheas plants can be grown in small cups or hanging baskets as well to beautify the look and feel of your sweet home.

  1. African VioletAfrican Violet

As the name sounds, African Violent is a soft and beautiful in-door plant for winter and autumn seasons, and will bring a flavor of refreshing colors to your in-door plants collection. African violets are also considered as one of the easiest plants to grow and bloom inside your house. Not only the winter season, but can bring a permanent effect in enhancing the beauty of your house all year long. It also gives you to choose the African violet from a vast varieties and forms. Likewise their name they require warm conditions with filtered sunlight to grow rapidly.

One of the best parts of keeping the amazing African violets is that you can grow new plants by simply cutting off a leaf and rooting it in a pot with moist soil, and within a few days you will witness and whole new African violets with bright and shiny flowers. Even you are a new to autumn and winter plants, African violet is the best choice to start with and developing a new planting hobby with your family and friends which brings you closer to keeping the tidiness of your house and giving a refreshing and vibrant look to your guests.

We hope you have liked our list of one of the best and widely used autumn plants which can enhance the beauty and cleanliness of your house with refreshing and vibrant look. Remember to show off your new plants and colorful home you need to keep it clean, so do get in touch with Maid My Home for a regular or a one off cleaning service. Please do share this article with friends and family who might enjoy some of the recommendations.

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