If you have an untidy home filled with mess and filth, you are not alone, but do you know that untidiness increases anxiety and mental stress. Studies have revealed that keeping an unclean and messy home can massively affect the mood of its residents and can lead up to unnecessary stress and mental ambiguity.

“A Tidy Home Equals a Tidy Mind”

Take it this way, whenever you go for vacations; viewing the scenery, having fun at the beach or meeting new people, all this helps releasing the exerted pressure and tension on your mind, on the other hand, while you are not on vacations, keeping your surroundings clean can also help you to release the tightness and mental strain.


We all have those days, where after a long and stressful day at office, we just wanted to crash onto the couch or crawl back to the bed to have a refreshing sleep however, after a long day with full of stress, the last thing you want in your house is uncleanness, a pile of dishes in the kitchen or an unorganized and dirty bedroom. Either you are struggling for motivation or an impactful routine, your surroundings plays an integral part on your mood.

So, stay blessed and start organizing and keeping your house clean.

Get Rid of the clutter

The first step towards a healthy life is to start by organizing your things and getting rid of the clutter, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw away or get rid of all your worthy possessions but only those which are unnecessary and have not been used in ages. You’ll feel much better and delightful living in a house which isn’t crammed with unnecessary objects.
By performing this exercise you will have much space in your house to walk around and breathe, try this activity this weekend and in the coming days you’ll feel the difference.

The Big Day

So you have finally de-clutter your home, the next baby step towards a healthier life is removing dust and dirt from different areas, including the backyard of your house. We understand that cleaning itself is a hard task and bring all negative emotions therefore; we prefer having a professional cleaning unit do the complete deep cleaning of your house.

Maid My Home is one of best house cleaning service you can rely on with guaranteed happiness. The pricing starts from £15 an hour without any hidden fee or surprises. All you have to do is to contact Maid My Home, discuss your cleaning needs, and a team of professional cleaners will do the deep cleaning of your entire house moreover, a tailored cleaning report will also be created. All you have to do is sit back and relax and one of the best cleaning service in Colchester will take care of the rest.

Healthy Diet

Researchers have proved that a healthy and clean environment and can lead up to healthier food choices moreover; a person leading a good life with clean and tidy surroundings is more likely to choose an apple to eat rather than a chocolate bar. This is proven by studies that a human brain craves for unhealthy diet to cope up with the stress and untidiness. Therefore, keeping your house neat and tidy can not only organize your daily routine but can also help you with making smart and healthy food choices.
Physical and mental benefits

Living in a clean and tidy place can help you out with making wise decisions and healthy choices in your day to day life. Studies have also revealed that people leading a healthy and fruitful life also have clean and hygienic homes. Therefore, in order to cope up with your day to day struggle and making a better life, the first step is to deep clean your entire house and start leading a healthy and good life.

Preventing Allergies

Deep cleaning your home by yourself or hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home from top to bottom could also help you to prevent allergies and protecting your immune system. Do you know that living in a dirty environment can lead up to dust and many different allergies, on the other hand, indoor air is considered to be 5 time more polluted than outdoor air.
Therefore, in order to protect your family and friends start cleaning your house today and take a first step to a better and healthier life.

Add a touch of greenery

Do you know that having plants and flowers inside a house can help you release tension and boost your mood? While maintaining a clean and tidy surroundings, place a plant in a small pot at different areas of your house, adding plants and flowers in your home will not only boost your mood but will also add a delightful effect for your family and guests.

Hiring Professional Cleaning Service

Finding a hassle-free cleaning service does not comes without hassle, many people prefer cleaning their homes their selves instead of hiring an experienced cleaning service but with Maid My Home professional and highly skilled cleaners, you can let go away all your worries, sit back and relax while the professionals take cares of the rest and deep clean every inch of your house from top to bottom.

So, what you are waiting for? With Maid My Home you can have a clean and tidy home regularly with reasonable and best prices in town. Either you are looking for a complete deep cleaning service, or wanting to remove stains from your carpet or oven, Maid My Home comes with a complete package.

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