Who doesn’t want their home tidy and clean? But who really can keep it clean and tidy is the real question. I am a single mother, living in Colchester with my two little girls and here’s my tidy experience!

When I first move to Colchester with my sweet little girls, life wasn’t easy for me mainly because of the two main reasons, the first one is being a single mother and the second one is wondering if even for a day I can keep my house tidy and clean. With the small jobs I have been doing to raise my girls, I could hardly afford a babysitter therefore, hiring a maid and relaxing in hot tub, knowing the maid will do all the deep cleaning was always a dream.

As the girls were growing so was their pity fights, throwing things at each other, running in the background and playing pranks one another was all part of their daily routine but it all results in soiling and spattering the house. Sometimes I ground them and sometimes I let the things pass because after all, we were all teenagers at some point, the one thing which kept me going was the unbreakable bond and love of my sweet little angels. The only thing which was suffering was my house and every time the girls tear or broke something I knew it will affect the deposit I have made to the landlord. I often do the deep cleaning of house myself but never thought of hiring a professional cleaner to do the complete deep cleaning of my house, of course one of the main reasons was that I could not afford a maid or a professional cleaning service but I never felt the need because I was doing all the cleaning myself keeping it pretty clean and tidy in my own way.


Life was passing by and my hard work started to pay off as I got a promotion in my job, I was happy and so was the girls, I drove the girls for a nice brunch and left them at my mom’s as I had other plans for the evening and this was the day which changed my entire concept of house cleaning.


I was throwing a party at my house, so I went shopping, bought some snacks and beers and ordered pizza with my friends, I really enjoyed the company and in later that night crashed at my couch. When I woke up in the morning, the house was a complete mess and there was no way I was going to clean it myself. I went browsing and found www.maidmyhome.co.uk their reviews were good and pricing for deep and end of tenancy cleaning services was reasonable. I made the booking for deep cleaning, within a short span of time the house cleaning staff from Maid My Home arrived at my doorstep. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the professionalism they bring with them, their approach and equipment was outstanding.


I must say, I was amused with the level of service they provided, from dusting and vacuuming to wiping out and sanitizing the garbage cans they took care of everything, with the professionalism and quality of work, I hired them to do the deep cleaning for the entire house. It only took them a couple of hours to deep clean my entire house and I was surprised seeing the difference, the professionals from ‘Maid My Home’ performed the complete checklist of the following tasks;

  • Dusting and Vacuuming the entire house, windows, fixing of lights and above cabinets.
  • Removing the HVAC vent covers and washing them in the sink with warm and soapy water.
  • Wiping down the ceiling fan badges along with removing cobwebs and bugs from the windows and corners of the roof.
  • Removing stains from the carpet and upholstering.
  • Recycling bins and wiping out the garbage cans.
  • Giving and fresher and new look to my blinds by spraying them with vinegar and scrubbing the stains out.
  • Cleaning and organizing the cabinets and drawers.

After the cleaners left the house, I checked my entire home and seeing the deep cleaning service they provided, I spent the coming weeks in complete delight, and rate them as one of the best deep and end of tenancy cleaning service providers in Colchester.


With the life moving along and the hard work paying off, I along with the girls decided to move to a bigger house in Colchester, I wasn’t worried any the deduction in the security deposit as I was familiar the quality and cleaning services from Maid My Home Firstly, they did a complete inspection of my house and ask me to sit back and relax while they do their job and my God! They did a fantastic job, when I returned the keys back to my landlord he was impressed with how clean the home was.

The service Maid My Home professional cleaners are providing in Colchester is remarkable, now I don’t have to worry about any deep or end of tenancy cleaning as I know Maid My Home will have it all covered for me. With their professional attitude, reliable service and highly trained deep cleaners, they are surely one of the top deep and end of tenancy cleaning service providers in Colchester.

Either you are looking for a deep cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning service in Colchester, Maid My Home consists of a professional team you can rely on, with their open and honest pricing and professional attitude they provide the service which can help you fulfill your contractual obligations for your end of tenancy cleaning agreement.

So, what you are waiting for? Book a service and give your home and new and refreshing look today!

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