Paying for home cleaning services in the 21st century

Embracing Modern Technology in the Home Cleaning sector

We really want to drag the domestic cleaning market into the 21st century and embrace modern technology to provide a seamless service. While the rest of the world is moving ahead, some local services seem to be falling behindĀ and unable to adapt and utilise technology. We wanted to change that.

Open honest and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You pay for what you want to have done and the time it takes to complete the house clean.


Our Login Portal Will Help Manage Your Home Cleaning

Customers have their own log in portal. This is an easy way to manage all possible variables you could want for your cleaning needs. Need to have an extra hours cleaning after a big event, no problem just amend your booking online and its done for you. You don’t have to ring anybody to reschedule, you don’t have to work around someone else’s opening times. Being online our portal works 24/7 and allows you complete flexibility and control. Add optional extras, for your next clean, simple tick the type of service you want, and your done our cleaners will include this in your next clean.

The booking portal also allows you to see what other days and times are free if you wish to re-arrange, this eliminates ambiguity for the customer. Often customer need to reschedule for a multitude of reasons and they want to know when is next available as quickly as possible. Having a customer login portal gives them complete transparency of our available booking spots and customers can book a time that best suits there needs instantaneously.

The customer login portal allows customer to select how many hours cleaning service they require and gives an exact price for this service. Its simple and easy to understand. We wanted to move away from a fixed price structure. We notice companies would charge a fixed rate fee for a clean and then try and reduce the amount of time cleaners where spending at the property to save themselves money. This seemed simply unacceptable to us and falsely charging for services you were not always carrying out seemed disingenuous to our business model. If you have paid for 3 hours with us, you will get 3 hours its that simple. If you are unsure how long you want a clean to take, our cleaners will stay for as long as is needed to get the job done properly, and no longer.

Pay online or over the phone for your home cleaning.

We found that many of competitors required cash to be left on the side for the cleaners for when they did the clean, or to pay them in person whilst they were there. We found this problematic for a number of reasons; firstly, we noticed people don’t actually carry that much cash on them any more making it an inconvenience for them ensuring they had cash available each time the cleaner visited. The next problem arises from an unsatisfactory clean, it can be awkward for people to complain about a clean and have to pay the person they are unhappy with at the same time. Having a satisfaction guarantee and only paying after the clean has been completed eliminates this problem. Finally since we also specialise in end of tenancy cleans, which can often run into the hundreds of pound, it was a requirement to eliminate cash from the payment process. Our system makes it convenient for the customer to be able to pay online or automatically after the clean has been completed.

Secure payments. Using one the world largest payment merchants (Stripe) we can guarantee complete safety and security of you information. As soon as its entered onto our system its encrypted and cannot be read by us. We find this system to be fast secure and more convenient than cash. Money is only taken out of the account once a clean has been completed and the cleaner has signed and confirmed they have finished the clean to a satisfactory standard. It seemed so outdated to us to pay for everything else by card and contactless payments that something as simple as house cleaning couldn’t be incorporated into this. So we have, and whilst we are certainly not the first to be doing this, we are definitely still in the minority of cleaning companies operating this way.




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